A place of solidarity at the service of healthy eating

> Providing access to healthy food for all

The City of Romainville has developed its Cité Maraîchère project to respond to many social issues.

Because making healthy, high-quality food available to as many people as possible is the raison d’être of this new public service, this facility will offer fresh, healthy and varied products in a city where many residents today do not have the financial means to obtain them. Also, the proposed rates offered to the population for market garden produce and small restaurants will be set so as to allow low-income households to benefit from it.

In addition, the Romainville social and solidarity grocery store (scheduled to open at the end of 2020), associated with the integration project, will benefit from donations of products from agricultural production sites.

> Diversifying public health actions

  • A place of awareness

For many years now, the City has been developing awareness-raising activities on health and nutrition issues for all audiences, especially school children.

The Cité Maraîchère will therefore ensure an awareness-raising and educational mission, complementary to the public policies carried out by the City in terms of public health.

  • “From garden fork to fork”: a place for responsible consumption and purchase of fresh produce

The issues at stake in the café-canteen are as follows:

– Respond to the need for improved nutrition and the link between health and nutrition

– Offer an on-site consumption of cultivated products

– Benefit from adapted equipment and fresh products to teach or re-teach people to cook in season and to eat healthy.

– Meet a growing demand from the population to know the origin and quality of products.

– Access to a restaurant menu offer based on healthy and local food.

> A new lively place, the café-canteen

It consists of a bar and a restaurant with 50 seats.

The café-canteen will offer dishes and drinks, at rates adapted to the population, prepared from seasonal products from the cultivation, organic farming and fair trade or from short circuits and/ or local producers.

> A rich and varied culinary program

In the evening, the Cité Maraîchère will welcome associations, chefs and project leaders in the field of sustainable food processing accompanied by incubators.

It will also be able to host any organization for culinary events related to sustainable food, food solidarity or cultural diversity as well as chefs in residence.

The café-canteen of the Cité Maraîchère © ilimelgo – Secousses

The Eco-solidarity House

In an approach of prevention, remobilization and enhancement of the most disadvantaged groups, the Eco-solidarity House will continue an innovative and participatory social policy, by bringing together in one place several social services that promote social diversity and sustainable development.

The Eco-solidarity House, located near the Cité Maraîchère, will open its doors in the fall of 2020 and will host:

  • A solidarity grocery store that will benefit from products from the Cité Maraîchère
  • A space for the CCAS “Ateliers Malins” (“Smart Workshops”).
  • An educational garden
  • A collaborative space for sharing and expressing solidarity.

The Eco-solidarity House will participate in the Integration Workshop: employees in integration will work at the solidarity grocery store and will be able to lead workshops.