An ambitious economic and social project

The City is accompanied in this project by experts in the social and solidarity economy (SSE) to develop an ambitious project to serve the residents of the territory. The Cité Maraîchère was conceived to create local jobs that cannot be relocated and that are meaningful, in order to encourage the integration of unemployed people. Market gardening will also make it possible to develop new skills and local knowledge, as well as professional qualifications for local residents in the trades of the future.

> The Cité Maraîchère will create jobs and professional opportunities:

  • The creation of jobs, some of which will be in the form of integration programs for local residents. The number of jobs will vary according to the activity.
  • Varied course offers more adapted to the profiles of unemployed people:  Workers specialized in vegetable production, facilitators of environmental and sustainable development educational activities, reception officers, catering agents, waiters, grocery clerks. The variety of courses should improve the rate of return and/or access to employment and be of interest to more people (especially women and young people).
  • Training and professional qualification in sectors that are recruiting, such as catering or hosting.
  • The development of a new economic sector: The Cité Maraîchère will be the flagship of an enlarged farm throughout the territory. This economic sector will complement (and not compete with) traditional peri-urban and rural agriculture, thus strengthening an existing territorial ecosystem.
  • The development of new local skills based on sustainable practices, thus helping to raise public awareness of the challenges of ecological transition.
  • The provision of the kitchen for the reception of project leaders in the field of sustainable food processing, in order to allow them to test their project in real conditions (materials, customers, supplies).
  • An outreach project for the area: The Cité Maraîchère will strengthen the attractiveness of the area and enhance the image of the City, the Marcel-Cachin district and its residents.

By supporting the creation of jobs, particularly in integration, by offering a variety of career paths and by supporting the emergence of new job profiles in urban agriculture, the Cité Maraîchère is intended to become a professional springboard for the residents of the area and all professionals in this sector or to spark the interest in developing sectors that provide activities and jobs.

View of the educational gardens © ilimelgo – Secousses