The project management team

A multidisciplinary team was chosen, combining skills and references in the field of controlled bioclimatic environments and urban agronomy.

  • ILIMELGO (commissioned architects) studies and builds equipment for presentation greenhouses and market gardens in a controlled environment combining heat production systems, ventilation and illumination within efficient thermal envelopes.
  • SECOUSSES (associated architects) designed the project in a sustainable way, combining innovative techniques, bio-sourced materials and traditional know-how.
  • TERR’EAU CIEL (urban agriculture design office) is made up of agricultural engineers who bring a new and innovative vision to the urban planning professions with the aim of renewing the link between city-dwellers and the rural world.
  • SCOPING (engineering and design office for all trades) has demonstrated global management and networked technical know-how.
  • ETAMINE (HQE design office) is a specialist in environmental building design and sustainable development.
  • LAND’ACT (landscape designers, from the most urban to the most natural) deeply committed to ensuring that the city welcomes nature with the place it deserves.